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Darton State College Employees

Darton College Staff Council

Mission Statement

The mission of the Darton College Staff Council is to provide staff with a representative voice to the President, College Administration and other College departments in matters germane to the staff;

To provide a vehicle and channel of communication within and among staff;

To facilitate staff in activities related to the College mission;

and to promote accomplishments of staff members to administration.

Council Members

2015 Officers

  • President Bonnie Hardegree
  • Vice President Carol Taylor
  • Secretary/Treasurer Paula Batchelor

2015 Representatives

President’s Office/Advancement/Athletics
  • Mandy Moore
Academic Affairs
  • Adam Thornton
  • Carol Taylor
  • Bonnie Hardegree
Student Affairs
  • Caitlin Bailey
  • Mary Elizabeth Thompson
  • Mandy Hamner
Fiscal Affairs
  • Todd Pickelsimer
  • Paula Batchelor

By-Laws, Minutes & Staff Roster can be found on SharePoint at any time.