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Darton College

Faculty Council

This council serves in an advisory, non-voting capacity to the President and the Vice President to discuss faculty institutional concerns and agenda items for upcoming Faculty Assembly meetings. The faculty council is composed of two elected faculty members from each of the eleven divisions*, with one of the members serving as an alternate. Each member is elected to serve a one-year term of office and there is no limit to the number of terms for which a faculty member may be re-elected. The faculty council meets with the President and the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs before each scheduled Faculty Assembly meeting or more often as needed. The faculty council sends a different representative, elected from the faculty council, to serve in an ex-officio capacity on each of the following standing committees: Academic Committee, College Calendar Committee, Executive Council, Grievance Committee, Professional Activities, and the Tenure Review Committee. The members of this council are given limited committee assignments.

* Athletics, Business, Health Sciences, Humanities, Learning Support, Mathematics, Nursing, Online, Physical Education, Science, Social Science.

Members 2013-2014
Divisions Members Alternates
Business Mr. James Yates Mr. Gene Behal
Health Sciences Ms. Tonya Curles Ms. Sarah Brinson
Humanities Dr. Jamie Barker Dr. Jeff Kluball
Learning Support Mr. Jeremiah Pitts Ms. Teresa Eberhardt
Library Ms. Caryl Nemajovsky Mr. David Fry
Mathematics Mr. Bradley Young Ms. Linda Lamp
Nursing Ms. Deanna Radford * Ms. Natalie Bryant
Physical Education Ms. Laura Blackwell Mr. David Mann
Science Dr. Craig Flowers Ms. Lauren Mueller
Social Science Mr. Ted Butler Mr. Brian Perkins
Online Dr. Sarah Kuck Ms. Corrine Sweet

* Faculty Council President, elected by Council